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April 13, 2013 - The 2013 Junior Turkey Camp at The Heartwood Outdoors Outreach Camp started on Wednesday evening with a bonfire and hot dog roast allowing all of the boys and men to get to know each other. Thursday was full of activities such as, Trap shoot, patterning turkey guns, fishing, and building turkey calls. The evening settled down with another bonfire. Onto Friday with another fun filled day; more fishing, turkey calling classes and Decoy seminars given by the Heartwood Outdoors team. The excitement built for the upcoming hunt as we stood on the porch and listened to birds gobbling. We finished out the day around the fire sharing stories with new friends. The hunt turned out to be an outstanding day as all 3 boys had the opportunity to harvest a turkey. Heartwood Outdoors feels very blessed to have spent some time with these young men and their dads. Always dream big because dreams are made to come true.

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Tracy Groves on the "30-day Option" for taking Turkeys   How to use a Mouth Call
by John E. Phillips on March 27, 2013
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How to use a Slate Call






Most turkey hunters start scouting for turkeys a week or two before the season begins, but I start 30 days before the season. I’m looking for the turkeys that are the farthest from the parking lot or any road.
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Tracy Groves: Get into the Woods Early to take a Turkey
by John E. Phillips on March 26, 2013
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I like to find the turkeys to hunt on public lands before the season begins. I go into the woods at first light and get to the highest point I can find. Then I listen for turkeys to gobble and use my compass to determine the direction from which the gobbling is coming. When daylight appears and the turkeys shut up, I walk in the direction from which I’ve heard the turkeys gobble and look for the nearest water to that spot.
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Know How to Transitional Turkey Hunt for More Success with Tracy Groves
by John E. Phillips on March 25, 2013
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Turkeys have three different transitions they go through during turkey seasons in most states. If you know what those transitions are, you’ll know what calls to use and when to use them. Once you learn the transitions and the time of year they occur on the lands you hunt, you’ll be much more successful. In the early part of the season, in many states, the gobblers are in bachelor groups.
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Turkey Hunting: Call Softly and Sit Long with Tracy Groves
by John E. Phillips on March 21, 2013
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If you're going to hunt turkeys on public lands, you've got to commit to hunt the turkey on his time, not on your time. Your best tool is patience. Public land turkeys receive a lot of hunting pressure, and they don't like it. THe average public land turkey hunter will listen for a turkey to gobble, move within 100 yards of that turkey, and as long as a turkey is gobbling, the hunter will keep calling to him.
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