Square Up Bow Torque Indicator

Square-Up Pro




Square Up Bow Pro Torque Indicator

Square-Up Pro by Lightning Bowstrings is by far the  most innovative and effective torque reference on the market today.  Revolutionary describes it! Sometimes a product will come along that changes everything.  This is one of those products. The simple visual reference allows the shooter to correct his grip in real time, and square the bows riser and arrow rest to the most efficient nock travel.  The ability to see and correct bow torque before the shot provides the bow hunter a tremendous advantage in the field.  Twisted and turned, bent at the waist, standing on uneven terrain, extreme uphill or down hill shot opportunities all create  situations where bow torque becomes problematic.

Very easy to install and set-up with no learning curve to achieve complete control.  The standard mount is designed to mount on your quiver mount holes with accessory mounting holes provided.  Simply install your quiver right on the mounting bracket. Works right or left handed.